Plant Based Goodness

We set our clocks back last night which is a good reminder that fall is definitely here. We’ve had a warm September and October, and November is starting out cool and damp-typical for the midwest. Although I’m not a fan of it getting darker earlier now, it’s a part of the life process we must traverse. I think the warmer temps helped some of the leaves stay on the trees here, there are still a lot of red, yellows and oranges dotting the landscape. Sometimes most of the leaves have blown off by early October; I’ll enjoy the color as long as I can.

Fall weather means warm comfort dishes like soups and stews. I made my veggie stew last night for dinner and my homemade recipe did not disappoint. We’ve got great leftovers for the week and some in the freezer for later! I’ve got a lot of great recipes for the fall and winter, but sometimes I like to just make stuff up (like my stew recipe)

Tonight I made the Spinach Potato Tacos from the Forks Over Knives app-with a twist. I added some bell peppers to the mix and it was heavenly. I served it with a quick Tex Mex rice and it was a perfect dinner! The rice consisted of Whole Foods frozen brown rice, some frozen roasted corn, frozen black beans (I freeze beans on a regular basis for times like this), diced red and orange bell pepper and diced zucchini. After I warmed it in the microwave, I added some Trader Joe’s roasted salsa to it and it was DELISH! Quite an easy dish to put together!

Here are some pictures of my creations!


Veggies sautéing without oil! I love the colors!

Tortilla Bowls!

Spinach/Potato/Pepper Tacos served in a corn tortilla bowl, and easy Tex Mex Rice