Sunday Morning Walks

I love taking walks on early Sunday mornings during the summer. It's such a quiet and peaceful time and you have a lot of time to yourself. Even with an occasional lawn mower or saw going off in the distance, I find these walks very calming and centering. I keep up a good pace, and usually walk for just over 3 miles. If you look closely, you see a lot of great things in nature. Today I went for one of these walks and saw and heard a lot of great things.

I heard several blue jays throughout the course of my walk. My mom used to tell me that it was going to rain when you heard a blue jay 'jaying'. There was NO rain anywhere near us today…maybe that's just a myth! I saw two baby robins that had fallen from their nest…they had feathers, but were pretty little. I could hear their mom and dad squawking in the background, so I left in hope they would get the babies to safety. I'm praying they did not become dinner for some larger animal.

I also saw a very interesting bug hanging from a thread below a tree. It's the same thing I saw on a vacation at the beach a few years ago…looks like a pile of leaves; I still need to figure out what it is. Part of my walk goes along a square block of an assisted living community; it's very quiet and peaceful. I usually encounter numerous dog walkers, other walkers and joggers on my path and today was no exception. Everyone is always friendly and says hello!

I saw some very pretty flowers along my walk, which always make me smile and remind me to be happy I can see them! Queen Anne's Lace is always one of my favorite flowers. I love the color of the summer sky in July…it's such a rich color of blue!
If you haven't gotten up early on a Sunday morning to go for a walk or a bike ride in the summer, I encourage you to do so; you'll find it is very refreshing and cleansing-provided you aren't glued to your mobile device!


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