Jackfruit-A ‘Jack’ of All Things Plant Based

BBQ and summer holidays go together; unless you are a creative vegan, BBQ is out of the question.  Enter Jackfruit!  Jackfruit is this HUGE fruit grown in the Indian/Asian area and can grow up to super huge sizes.  I imagine you can buy it fresh in an Asian market, but I get mine canned in brine from Amazon.  I made taco’s with it a while ago and they were good, but Jackfruit is made for BBQ.  As it cooks, you shred it up and the consistency becomes that of of shredded pork or chicken.  

I found a good recipe at Minimalist Baker which in clouded  a good creamy coleslaw recipe (https://minimalistbaker.com/bbq-jackfruit-sandwiches-with-avocado-slaw/).  I used the BBQ sauce recipe from Forks Over Knives since it’s all natural and tastes great! The slaw recipe uses avocado as a base and I doctored it up a bit, but it was yummy (says a person who is not a fan of coleslaw).  Corn on the cob was super sweet and a perfect accompaniment to the tangy-sweet BB sauce.

Hubby said this was the best sandwich of the weekend, so I know it’s a great recipe.  I encourage you to try jackfruit at your next barbeque…no one will know the difference-except you!

Jackfruit in nature:

Jackfruit in a can (Amazon):

My Memorial Day BBQ dinner:


Tofu-A Plant Based Wonder

When you tell someone you are vegan (or plant based), quite often they will tell you that they don’t like tofu…I could never go vegan.  As you’ve seen from my posts, vegans don’t just eat tofu or grass!  There are so many wonderful recipes out there that I could go months without eating tofu, or grass for that matter! Every once in a while I like to make a dish with tofu.  Unfortunately, most people experience tofu that hasn’t had anything ‘done’ to it; and yes, it’s quite bland and the texture is not for everyone.  I’ve learned that there are so many things you can do with tofu that you’d never know you were eating it.  From an italian based ricotta for my veggie lasagne to marinated in a stir fry it’s quite versatile.  The beautiful thing about tofu is it picks up flavors from whatever you put it in; I like marinating it in a little low sodium tamari (soy sauce)

Some people stay away from tofu because there has been some ‘hype’ about soy causing cancer.  This is not true and the soy in tofu and edamame can actually help prevent many lifestyle diseases.  But I’m not going in to that now…you can do your own research.

Recently I found a recipe on Fat Free Vegan’s site for Pistacio Crusted Tofu.  I had to try this as I used to make a quite delicious Pistachio Crusted Tuna dish when I was eating animals.  The recipe is pretty easy to follow and turned out quite well.  I made a creamy dill dijon sauce to go with it that went well with the fish dish.  Hubby wasn’t the biggest fan as the tofu was still rather soft after 20 minutes of baking…but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  He has decided to eat it on as a sandwich with a pickle and a little sauce and he is giving that version a thumbs up.

I was happy to try this recipe and I will certainly be making it again.  If you haven’t tried tofu lately, I encourage you to surf the web for some recipes and try it…you might like it!

Here’s the link for the recipe, and a photo of the dish.  I served it with asparagus and crinkle cut butternut squash.


Ps…the sauce is really good on asparagus too!