Happy 2016!

I’m a couple of days late with this post,  but I’ve been busy working on getting ready for the new year!  I hope you had a great holiday season and are ready for the new year.   We put our tree up a lot earlier than last year so we were able to enjoy it during the actual month of December!  We celebrated our Walker family Christmas on Christmas Eve which was a nice change also.  It was so joyful to watch the grandkids open their gifts and play with them; it was a great family get together!  For New Years Eve we enjoyed a great dinner out at our favorite local Spanish Tapas place called La Tasca.  We tried their vegetarian paella which was awesome…I can’t wait to try my version of it at home.  We toasted the New Year early with some Champagne as we never made it to midnight.  Waking up at 4am has it’s drawbacks…we usually can not make it past 10pm.  The tree will not get to see Christmas 2016 at our house as too many lights on it have burnt out and we did not have the patience to replace all the bulbs!  As much as I enjoy Christmas, I am happy to get back to the normalcy of life without so much clutter!

I am very excited for 2016.  There will be a lot of positive changes this year. I have stopped setting ‘resolutions’ and focus more on goals.  My biggest goal last year was to find a new job; I was happy to have succeeded in achieving that goal.  My main focus this year is on my health and weight.  2015 saw the arrival of menopause and a little too much eating and drinking which resulted in clothes that don’t fit and a fitness plan that pretty much happened by chance!  I spent the weekend cleaning up old emails and unsubscribing to a lot of sites I just don’t have time to read.  This year is about streamlining my life!

This year I’ve got a renewed focus on my health and weight.  The Engine 2 28 Day challenge starts this month, and some of my co-workers are going to join me in this new adventure. If you are interested in making some healthy changes in your life, check out this link:  http://engine2diet.com/28-day-challenge/.  This year will also be about spending more time with family as well as embarking on new adventures for myself.

Stay tuned for more updates!

 Happy New Year!



Christmas Joy!