Starting a New Chapter-Getting Myself ‘Unstuck’

August 14th was my last day at my previous employer; I had worked there 9 years.  I had been seriously looking for a job since the first of the year.  I had a few interviews and then I got the email with the job offer letter from my new employer.  I couldn’t believe it…I had to pinch myself several times which was followed by several outbursts of Holy Crap (think Frank Barrone, from Everyone Loves Raymond).  I started at the new place this past Monday (8/17). This move seemed a lot bigger than my move 9 years ago and I’m still trying to figure out why.  I think it has a LOT to do with all that I’ve experienced over the past 9 years (2 step children got married, 2 grandkids born and lost both parents and changing my diet are the big things), and the fact that I’m 51.  Making a job change at 51 is a lot bigger than at 42.  But I’ve felt ‘stuck’ for the past several years and I think I’m finally starting to get unstuck.  

I think this is one of the best moves I’ve made.  Don’t get me wrong, it was hard to leave all my friends that I’ve made over the past 9 years-we’ve shared a LOT together.  But it was time to leave.  I needed more than my boss and the company could give me; that’s when you know it’s time to leave.  After the first week at my new job, I’m shaking my head wondering why I didn’t do this sooner, but we all know that everything happens for a reason.

My new place of employment is a manufacturing company…a ‘real’ manufacturing company that follows ISO9000 certification standards, teaches 6 Sigma and lean manufacturing.  Things my previous employer did not do (and may never do).  It’s definitely a change, and there is a LOT to learn (you don’t realize how much you know until you leave an employer and start somewhere new!).  What are some things I like about my new job after the first week?  

  1. I actually get to go to the health club for my 5am workouts and am not rushed to get to work (I only have about a 20 minute commute) and I’m home before 6pm!
  2. I have a bigger cubicle to store more ‘stuff’ and not feel cramped.
  3. I’m actually a part of the HR department.
  4. We dress business casual (I really like this as I got a little tired of wearing jeans most of the time at my other job).
  5. There is a BIG focus on training, and ensuring employees are trained on the latest revisions of assembly.
  6. The President knows everyones name within a few weeks of you being hired.  He even used my name when he said good morning to me on my second day.
  7. The President spends more time OUT  of his office on the plant floor and in the office than IN his office.
  8. The President actually asked me how my first week went.

I could go on, but these are the highlights.  It’s always scary to start a new job and leave the security of an old job behind, but risk involves action.  I truly believe that you need to take risks risks to grow.

Here’s to another week of learning all sorts of new things!